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Dear Valued Parents/Guardians, we wish to use this medium to express our sincere gratitude to God for helping us through this term. We likewise wish to thank you, our esteemed parents/guardians for being there for us. We sincerely appreciate your concern, contributions, corrections and objective criticisms. We appreciate and our door is open for your useful suggestions.
Please, go through the information below: The West African Senior School certificate Examination (WASSCE) for 2019 will commence in the school on 9th April, 2019. The National Examination council of Nigeria Senior School Certificate Examination (NECO) SSCE and the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for 2019 will commence in third term. Following these, no candidate will be allowed to start the examination without evidence of payment of the complete school fees.
GRADUATION/PRIZE GIVING DAY: The graduation/prize giving day for the 2018/2019 academic year will take place in third term. The date will be communicated to you later. Sequel to this, all SS3 Graduating Students are to use Navy-Blue suit and Sky-Blue Shirt. All Basic 9 Students are to use Sky-blue shirt (Short sleeve) on top of Black trouser (boys) and Black Skirt (Girls). Those that are not properly dressed with the recommended uniform will not be allowed into the venue
RULES AND REGULATONS: we advise that our parents/guardians should go through the school rules and regulation, the class room culture and policies with their children/wards. This, we hope will remind us about the stance of the school on various issues outlined in them.
CONTRABANDS IN JEWEL MODEL SCHOOL: It is not acceptable to bring any of these items into the school. These include: electronics such as mobile phones, computer games, earpiece, MP3 etc. jewelries, cosmetics, bandanna, sharp objects, or weapons, alcoholic drinks or any kind of hard drug. Any of these items found with the students will be forfeited permanently including other disciplinary action that will be taken against such student.
UNIFORM: our uniform is customized and sewn by the school tailor; therefore, do not make any form of amendment to it to avoid compulsory replacement. However, those willing to buy a new one should pay as stated below into Guaranty Trust Bank account number 0023860727.
i. School Uniform (a set) ₦5,000
ii. Sport Wear ₦3,500
iii. School Cardigan ₦2,300
iv. Blazer ₦6000
SCHOOL FEES: The following are the School fees for third term:
Basic 7-8 ₦53,300 Basic 9 ₦54,600
SS 1-SS2 ₦54,600
All fees should be paid into our Guaranty Trust Bank account number 0023860727. (Online/Mobile transfer is acceptable. Send the alert/receipt to 08054516942 and indicate the following: Name of student; Class; Amount paid). 50% of the fee should be paid within two weeks of resumption and the balance paid on or before resumption from mid-term break.
E-RESULT: The Second term results will be available on the school’s website [www.jewelmodelschools.sch.ng] as from Tuesday, 12th April, 2019. Please follow the steps as contained on the scratch card. Note that the username and password refer to student’s admission number.
TRANSPORT: Those using transport should please note that not less than 50% of the applicable transport fare will be accepted to commence carrying of any child/ward in our bus. Anybody who made 50% part payment will not be carried again after mid-term break unless the person settles the remaining balance. Please pay into GT Bank Account. (Group A ₦20,400; Group B ₦19,600; Group C ₦21,300; Group D ₦22,000; Group E ₦26,000)
Extra/continuation Lesson: this is compulsory for Basic 9 Students. It is optional for other classes. The fee is N3000 per term and is paid cash to the teacher in-charge and receipts collected from same person.
RESUMPTION: Teachers – 26th April, 2019
Students – 29rd April 2019

Donatus Dum Koori, ACA



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Mrs. Ejenawho F. Diba Utulu

According to oxford advanced learners dictionary, habit is a thing that you do often and almost without thinking.


What is a reading habit?


Reading habit simply put is cultivating an attitude towards reading or forming a reading culture that has become part of you.

Why do you need to form a reading habit?  

Forming a reading habit may take effort and practice to get into but when formed becomes difficult to break. Therefore when you form a reading habit now it becomes difficult to break and the benefits will be worth it.


How to form a reading habit?


  • Setting a time period: Start by setting time during the day every day to read may be 5-10 minutes for a start. E.g. make a habit of reading while eating (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 5 minutes each or reading every time you are seating, before bedtime, this can at least give you 15-20 minutes a day.
  • Carry a book always: Always carry a book everywhere you go. As you wait for an appointment, until you are called upon. E.g. a hospital appointment or while on a journey.
  • Make a list: Keeping a list of all the great books you have read, it will motivate you to read more to increase your list.
  • Find a quiet place: Find a place in your home that is quiet and seat in a comfortable chair. No TV, computer, radio or music near your reading place to avoid distraction or noise from family members.
  • Make it pleasurable: Make your reading time your favorite time of the day with some treat. Get into a comfortable chair, good lighting, blanket for cold or mosquito. Your dressing should be comfortable also.
  • Reduce TV/internet surfing: To be able to read more, you must cut down on TV viewing, internet surfing. It may be difficult for a youth but every minute you reduce create more hours for reading. No doubt about the fact that we can learn from this technological gadgets but it calls for decipline.at your reading time, it becomes better to use the dictionary to check words than to use the internet.
  • Set a high goal: Setting goals like reading 10 books in a month or I have to read my school books 2 in a day and try to accomplish it would be a good idea, don’t rush but try to read and understand what you are reading. Setting the goal of doing your home works immediately as you are given can lead to a reading habit.
  • Having a reading time within the day: Set a time for yourself to read every day. It has to be something every day before bedtime or early in the morning every day or before getting ready for school. You should know your best time to read.



The society we live in today is not getting better but rather it is decaying every day. There is a saying that says ‘habit formed is difficult to break’ so forming a good reading habit can be difficult to cultivate because of the so many distraction present today. Some of those distractions include the following;


  • Cell phones: With the prevalence and advancement of technology, a hand held device like the cell phones, iPad, iPod, tabs and other electronic devices come with internet access that is open to the web. In the world we live today, almost everybody has a cell phone with or without internet access. Before the only distraction gotten from a phone was sending of text message and midnight calls that deprived you from your much needed sleep at night but now adolescent/youth are faced with distractions from the internet such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo mail, even the Google that is a haven for informations has become a distraction for many. The web site which are a collections of electronic papers created and maintained by individuals, have millions of sites that provided youth with endless opportunity to shop, do research, connect with friends and play or download games, movies and music has been exploited by all manner of unscrupulous individuals, some sites feature explicit sex that could lead the unwary astray, some youths have unintentionally encountered pornography online while doing their homework’s. This is not to say that the internet isn’t a good thing, it’s just that a little bit of moderation is needed to not make surfing the internet a distraction from your books.
  • Electronic games and movies: These can help sharpen your reflexes and can improve your visual attentions. It can also enhance your math and reading skills and there are high-tech entertainments that can challenge your skills and help keep the boredom at bay. This may be exciting and cool but not all are harmless, some blatantly promote immorality, profanity, violence, gratifying occult practices, gang wars, drug use, explicit sexual content, foul languages etc. When choosing a game to play or a movie to watch, it is important to choose one that will be interactive and educational and also wouldn’t serve as a distraction from your books.
  • Drug Abuse: The use of drugs is a problem to the society today, some students resort to drugs to keep awake during exams time because they did not have a reading habit. This is bad and can lead to other health hazard.

The point are not exhaustive in this write-up but if the above is followed by all students seated here, I believe you will all make a good student.





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The word Adolescence is from a Latin word ‘adolescere’ which means ‘to grow up’ Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. World Health Organization [WHO] defines an adolescent as any person between ages 10 and 19 years.


Adolescence is the age of change. It is a vulnerable time when children can develop unhealthy habits that grow into problems in their adult life. At Puberty there are a lot of changes that occur to a child. Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. This is as a result of hormones from the brain to the gonads—ovaries in girls and testes in boys.


Adolescence stage is divided into 3 stages:


  1. Early adolescence [9—13 years]
  2. Middle adolescence [14—17 years]
  3. Late adolescence [18—21 years]


A lot of changes happen to adolescents. These include;


  1. Physical development; at this stage, there is growth changes, the girls develop breast, and menstruate; boys have facial hairs, enlargement of the scrotum and testes. The adolescent are full of energy.
  2. Intellectual development. At this stage, there is increase in their rate of understanding and reasoning. They are very curious and eager to learn new ideas both good and bad.
  3. Emotional and social development. There are swings in emotions of the adolescents. They tend to attach themselves more to their peers more than their parents. They are moody and can easily be distracted.

It is because of growth spurt in adolescents that the following characteristics occur.

  • Clothes get smaller.
  • Shoes no longer fit.
  • Increase in appetite.
  • Voice changes.
  • Sleeping for longer hours.
  • Skin related problems-pimples on faces.
  • Noticeable bigger joints and bones.
  • Facial hairs on boys and enlargement of scrotum and testes.
  • Development of breast and public hairs in girls.


At the puberty stage the adolescent is striving for identity. If care is not taken he will have identity crisis. Identity crisis is a period of uncertainty and confusion in which an adolescent sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. At this stage an adolescent seeks a clearer sense of self and an acceptable role in society.



The following are challenges facing adolescence. These includes

  1. Physical change
  2. Emotional change
  3. Behavioral change
  4. Substance use and abuse
  5. Educational problem
  6. Health problem
  7. Psychological and social problems


Solutions to the problems stated above

  1. Let the adolescence be aware of the physical change
    1. Explain that it is normal for body to change
    2. Help the adolescence to adapt to this change
    3. Acknowledge the change and help them out of it
    4. Encourage them to stay healthy and fit by eating balance diet and also engage in exercise


  1. Hormones affect their emotion
    1. They are confuse about their role
    2. They are turned between their responsibilities as growing adult and desires as children.
    3. Reassure them that they are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God.
  2. To solve the problem associated with behavioral changes, parents should do the following
    1. Let them talk, listen to them without judging and avoid giving them advice when they are not ready to take it.
    2. Share your experiences of puberty and let them talk to an older sibling.
    3. Let them engage in creative activity.
  3. Gain their trust, be their confidants.
    1. Encourage them to be truthful to themselves and tell them the dangers of using harmful substance.
    2. Let them know that you love them the way they are. They are uniquely made.
    3. Exercise caution when you are interviewing whether they are flowing into bad company.
  4. Keep an eye on them.
    1. Supervise their school works.
    2. Check on their work in the school from time to time.
    3. Never accuse them.
    4. Treat them with love.
    5. Tell them that they can make it.
    6. Never, compare them with other children.
    7. Cut down their house chores.
    8. Encourage them to study.
  5. Do not accuse them.
    1. Encourage them to be honest.
    2. Take them to the Doctor or child psychologist, if need arises.
  6. Support them.
    1. Let them know that you love them.
    2. Encourage them to read good books.


Having adolescents in the house is very different from having a five year old. The challenges associated with nurturing an adolescent is over whelming. Parents should be honest and open minded in dealing with their adolescents. They should be available when they need to talk them


Recommended literature books for parents and students.

The gifted hands by Dr. Ben Carson

The big picture by Dr. Ben Carson

Question young people ask by Watch Tower Bible and Tracts society

Recommended films:

The three idiots